Tickets for the game can be purchased in advance at

Presale tickets may be purchased
in advance online through Huddle Ticket. 

Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 or children and senior citizens

LIVE-STREAMING OF STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: All state championship games hosted by the MPA will be live streamed through the NFHS Network.  To access the live streaming, you will need to get a subscription at www.NFHSnetwork.com/me.  The event will also be available on mobile devices at m.nfhsnetwork.com and subscribers can download the NFHS Network app from the iTunes store.

 SPORTSMANSHIP:  All competitors and coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner.

§  Bare-chested individuals are not allowed.

§  Shakers, signs, or placards on sticks or other devices designed to support the shaker, sign, or placard are not allowed.  Banners may not obstruct spectators viewing of the contest.

§  Horns, musical instruments, or noisemakers of any kind that in any way interfere with the game are not allowed.

§  Any person throwing objects on the playing field will be removed immediately from the field.

§  Mascots or other individuals are not allowed on the playing field.

MERCHANDISING:  There will be MPA championship merchandise available for sale at
this year’s championship.
Northwest Designs
is excited to be the new Official Championship Merchandiser for the
Maine Principals’ Association. The available merchandise will look
different this year.  Items will be printed on-site, and apparel
will be able to be customized, too.  In addition to being on-site,
items are also available online before and after the events, too: https://nwd.ink/s/mpa/.

This was all part of the memo teams participating in the MPA Regional Championship received today from the MPA.